UNCO is an interview podcast hosted by me, Timothy Buck. I meet with founders, analysts, designers, developers, journalists and more to discuss what's unusual in tech.

I started UNCO in early 2018 as a chance to chat with people I respect and as an outlet to express myself apart from my day job as a product manager at Mosaic. In the first ten months, I interviewed over 30 of the most interesting people I know about topics they’re passionate about in technology.

After a short break, I started a second season where I’m trying something slightly different. Instead of one-off interviews, I’m creating topical interview series. My first series was The Future of Podcasts followed by The Future of Apple and The Future of Voice First.

You can listen to the show on Apple Podcasts, Overcast or most other places you can listen to podcasts.

What does the name mean?

When thinking up names for this show about what’s unusual in tech, I ran into the Scottish word “unco”. It means strange, unknown, uncanny, weird, extraordinary.


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