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 The Future of Voice First

A 4-part series of interviews with Cathy Pearl, Vlad Savov, Adva Levin and Brian Roemmele.



The Future of Voice First Trailer

A 4-part interview series with Cathy Pearl, Vlad Savov, Adva Levin, and Brian Roemmele. This series is sponsored by Pathwright.


Designing for Everyone with Cathy Pearl

Cathy Pearl, Google’s Head of Conversation Design Outreach, joins me to chat about how voice assistants can help with accessibility, multimodal devices, solving for discoverability and context, designing for Voice First and more.

Vlad Savov

Trust Wars with Vlad Savov

Vlad from The Verge and I spoke about the strategic, economic, cultural and legal environments we find ourselves in and how they impact voice first technology.


Almost a Character with Adva Levin

Adva Levin, founder of Pretzel Labs and Alexa Champion, sat down with me to discuss her dive into the voice first world, characters in voice first applications, making skills for children, monetization and more.

Brian Roemmele

A Fascinating Future with Brian Roemmele

Brian Roemmele, a speaker, writer, and inventor who has been working on voice technology since the 80’s. He and I had a longer than usual and fascinating conversation about the history of voice first, human-machine interfaces, the dialog that goes on in our heads, and where he believes this voice-first technology is going.